Mighty Minds and Chess Club

Chess Club

Sunday Evenings 3-4:00 pm Chess Club: chessclub@hindusamajmandir.org

Mighty Minds

At Mighty Minds, our aim is to make kids confident by strengthening their reading, writing and public speaking skills. Public speaking with confidence is the # 1 trait for success in life. At Mighty Minds we include:

1. Spelling Bee - speak in public and accept your mistakes but be persistent in your hard work to compete in the future

2. Debate - develop critical thinking-oral and written communication skills.

We invite outside speakers from different fields to introduce young minds to their experiences. Throughout the year, young minds will have the opportunity to read the motivational stories from Warren Buffett’s book “Secret Millionaires Club”. Students will also write the stories in their own words and make speeches from what they have learned from them.

Sunday Evenings 4:30pm to 5:30pm : mightyminds@hindusamajmandir.org

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